Sunday, 19 December 2010

Sun of the Winter

She stood close to him,
Him – her Sun.
He touched her on the right cheek.
She looked up at him.
And let him touch the left cheek too.
Her face grew warm.
She closed her eyes and surrendered herself.
The Sun kissed her eyes, her brows, her forehead…
She untied her hair,
And looked up at him again.
He kissed her face, her mouth, her ears…
Her mouth fell open.
The Sun kissed her throat, her neck, her hands.
Behind her closed eyes,
The Sun was slowly becoming a havoc of orange.
She could breathe the warmth of his breath,
Feel him growing warm along with her.
Her lips trembled with happiness.
Her Being glowed with fulfillment.
She stood there taking his love.
The Sun of the winter went on pouring life into her,
Setting her ablaze.



Sayak said...

Set ablaze, she could-
now, turn the chill,
the frigid air,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Sayak!:) Beautiful...