Saturday, 25 August 2007

How nice of my acquaintances and friends!

I've been posting for about some one and a half months on a variety of topics, and yet for the past three weeks no one worthwhile has cared to look up (or even if they did so!) and comment. No one worthwhile, I repeat. But lots of anonymous chaps showing their skills in using the choicest of Bengali profanities. And not to forget some owner of a site who has petitioned to the UN (that's what I found out after I googled for the site's name) saying that Gandhiji was a hypocrite and a shameless racist, and that the UN's plans to celebrate World Peace day on October 2 should be cancelled. And also another anonymous chap giving me a link to 'earn free money'.

No one to say anything on gandhism, Harry Potter book 7, human love, SMS text (excluding the previous participants of course)-- at least no one in the past three weeks. Is that proof of a suspicion that I have held for long, in the recesses of my mind-- that I am a boring/utterly incapable/irrelevant/foolish/a worthless know-it-all writer. At least assure me that. I'll stop wasting my and your precious time here at my blog.

On the contrary, if you think that I have some worth-- care to comment when you visit my blog. Kindly read the posts once and let me know your opinions. This is an earnest request.


sri nasarappa said...

what are your plans after 12th class? which college are you planning to attend and on what subject? you write beautiful english, thought provoking and very succinct. keep up good work. coming from a young guy like you, its definitely praiseworthy.

Sudipto pondering said...

@Sri Nasarappa

Thank you very much...
It's very encouraging that someone unknown to me says that I write well. That assures me to some extent that perhaps I am not writing here at my blog for vain. If time permits, keep checking my blog sometimes. And if you do, kindly comment. I am always happy to entertain thoughts, ideas and comments from inquisitive and nice people.

Sudipto pondering said...

@Sri Nasarappa

In the process of thanking you, I completely forgot your question about my plans for the future.

I can't certainly assert which college I am going to join, but I have shortlisted some names. I am interested in pursuing a career in either computer science and/or mathematics (for my love for the two subjects!). I have plans for going into research. Simple jobs in corporate offices don't interest me much: but I may have to do them for a while to get money for further studies. Teaching also interests me a lot: I have taught a child of class VIII mathematics for some time, and I was gratified to learn that he found my way of teaching lucid and simple!

I also have other very wild dreams, which sometimes seem to border on outright silly-ness! :P

I hope I've answered your question to a good extent.

If you are interested, mail me at

Suvro Chatterjee said...

If you give up in despair so easily, you are seriously lacking in those very qualities that you claim to admire so highly - patience, perseverance, slogging away at something you profess to love doing even in a thankless and apathetic environment! Think of me, consider how many people know and claim to respect me, and what do I get on my blog? I should get scores of comments every day: I am thankful if I get a measly seven in as many days! People ARE terribly lazy and distracted these days, accept it, and they are very swift and adept at finding excuses for it, and take offence very quickly if they are pressed. Forget others, just look at yourself: just how many times have you looked me up in the last whole year? Of course you are busy, and I just must accept that as true and adequate, mustn't I, and still continue to think of you as a sincere individual? If you like your work of blogging, soldier on, just hoping that every now and then some few thoughtful, sensitive, intelligent and energetic people will be enthused enough to post a comment: as I have done right now, despite being in pain, and very very tired at the end of a full working day, even though my doctors have told me not to sit before the computer for more than ten minutes at a stretch (I have actually been doing that for upwards of an hour!)And if you cannot take that as something to be happy and thankful for, there IS indeed something very serious lacking in you!

Sudipto pondering said...

Dear Sir,

If I was indeed so much lacking in perseverance and patience, I wouldn't take my time off for blogging. When I wrote the current post, I had two things on my mind. Firstly, this was to arouse those who hadn't posted for a long time. And secondly (I don't know if this some excuse or not!), I was in a depressed mood.

That I keep checking my blog (and yours too!) daily, hoping for some sincere comments-- and that too when no sincere person has posted for about three weeks at a stretch-- is proof enough that I am serious about this blog. And I love posting here-- else I wouldn't do that on a regular basis. It's just that I would love to have more sensible comments. That I hope isn't too bad!

I, for one, never doubted that you are sincere about your work. That you have the patience to check up my blog, even after an hour of answering people here and there and a hard day's work, makes me feel very grateful and happy indeed. It's nice to have you comment here again.

And I certainly won't say that I am too busy not to visit you in the past year. I confess I can be very lazy at times, but I satisfy myself by keeping in contact with you over the net. That'll change in the next week itself! I hope my lack of regular visits doesn't put my sincerity and respect for you in doubt.

Your student,

Sudipto pondering said...

Dear 'Kirti Parekh',
I am not certain if you indeed are Kirti Parekh, for the simple fact that neither I nor Sir knows anybody by that exact name.

Secondly, I have doubts whether the comment you sent to me really is the one which you sent to Suvro Sir. Because from what I know of Sir, he graciously accepts criticism, provided it is constructive and not laced with profanity. The comment you sent to me is not so: and that's why I have reason to guess that you are not being truthful to me.

And thirdly, I trust Sir more than you think or imagine. Sir wouldn't have reacted in this way had he been criticised in a proper manner!

If you have some guts, reveal your true identity. And then expect me to reply to you next time. As of now, no comments from you on my blog!

I hope I have been polite enough with you.

A Poetess said...

hey there..em an unwanted comment again i suppose but a point to make..You are not the only person who gets the anonymous stuff out here[except the Bengali profanities part..i suppose thats the work of some of your friends!]..thats like a kinda spam so chill and take life as it comes..Cheerios
~Debadyuti Banerjee~