Thursday, 24 June 2010

Growing up

The other day my little niece wanted to go out walking in the streets alone. Now naturally she was forbidden, though she later had me for company. She looked up at me and said, "when will I grow up? I want to do things by myself." I smiled. I used to ask that question often.

Yesterday I'd been to a wedding reception. People talked and laughed, there was forced conversation and hollow guffawing. And I had to sit through all of that with a cheerful facade - often answering needless questions thrown to me. Children were running about, some gorging on the free cold-drinks and ice-creams on offer. A boy of about five walked up to a circle of old acquaintances, who were all chatting, singled out a woman and pulled at her sari. "Maa, I'm getting bored. When will you take me home?" I smiled. I used to ask that question often.


T. Mukherjee said...

After a long time, I am am reading something by you, Sudipto, the very moment, when the very thing is on my mind.
Growing up, the ambiguity.
I can't appreciate this. I have to thank you for this. :)

Sudipto Basu said...

Hey, welcome. :)

The different shades and implications of growing up is something that intrigues me.

Reincarnation said...

Hmmm...i hate social gatherings..I hate crowds in general .. And even at almost 21 i ask the same question if there arent pretty posteriors,standardised pakoras and sundaes to entertain me...Otherwise its trash..i roam about in the streets until its time to go..

Sudipto Basu said...

Hehe, terrific combination! Except for sundaes, there wasn't an attractive thing. And I've quite lost my sweet tooth.