Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Circus

(...and this is not about the 1928 Chaplin film!)

We - Sayantani and me - decided to change the url of the blog (as notified here), but a lot of things went wrong. First, some chap named 'bang bang' decided it's a good thing to play a prank on us. He therefore selected (the url we had settled for) as his blog-address. This he did in the two weeks between the date of notification and 18th July, today, when we were supposed to switch. Anyway, I went forward and settled for a slight alteration - (with the added hyphen) - and made a redirect page. What I didn't foresee was that this would delete all previous comments on this blog by default.

Since a reader's thoughts are more valuable to us than a mildly stupid and self-indulgent name, Sayantani has agreed to bear with the old url.

Long story short, you will still be reading sudiptopondering!

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