Monday, 4 October 2010

Face/off: Prose and verse

If you consider them in their own places,
I think both of these have good cases.
In fact, a neutral observer should
See that both of them are good!

Poetry has its own norm,
Rhyme and rhythm are its form.
Prose, on the other hand,
Is easier to understand.

Consider for a while,
(No doubt with a wry smile)
A defendant standing before court,
And presenting in defence quote
After quote of lucid rhyme.
The judge loses sense of time,
And, next in line, logic.
(You see, the judge in question is a failed poet.
And the defendant seems to know it.)
Which only makes the verdict tragic -
The defendant did commit a crime,
He killed a poet past his prime.

Consider a surgeon removing a tumour.
He asks the nurse
In perfect verse
To pass the roll of bandage.
With the unfortunate disadvantage
That he laughs out in great humour,
Which makes his hands shake and swerve.
And the patient has a bruised nerve.

Also think of such a case.
A general in an army base
Briefing his men of their mission.
With great pride, he narrates his vision
Of defending his territory and doing his country proud.
Then he takes the fatal step, he lets emotions shroud
The driving energy of his speech, and the crowd
Follows suit. They cry out loud
As the general slips into lucid rhyme.
All the while, through mud and grime
Enemy soldiers reach the base.
Which now stands a desolate place.

As you see, even as I admire
Verse, consequences dire
Might result from the victory
Of rhymed and rhythmic poetry.

Written as a riposte to K-da's note.

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