Thursday, 7 October 2010


I had a dream today, I'll tell you about that.
I want to go up the hills again, I'm tired of lands flat.
The hills are high and clean and cold, and they are very nice.
In case you want a cooler drink, you have lots of ice.

The roads wind up and down the mountains in ways totally devious,
And flatland drivers sulk so much on wasted experience previous.
The hairpin bends are a real pain, especially in the morn.
When the air is foggy, the windscreen soggy, so please honk your horn.

In hills untraced, with roads braced, a hotel built at great height
Might prove lucrative in times unseen, but only with foresight.
The flow of travellers in the first few seasons might seem like a trickle,
But one might also turn successful, with help from chance fickle.

A good chef in the kitchen is one sure formula
To attract to the hotel guests, and to the cashbox moolah.
Keep a spacious terrace or two, and a nicely trimmed lawn,
Guests'll gather together there to watch sunrise at dawn.
Among other things, efficiency in service is a keeper.
(A small tip: People prefer hotels that are cheaper!)

Anyway, this dream of mine isn't castle-in-the-air.
After a prime well-spent, I'd like to sit idly in a chair -
Maybe read my favourites, or listen to a tune,
(I hope you'll pardon me for dreaming big so soon.)
Might even invite friends that I've gathered across years,
Sit together around a fire and share laughs and tears.
Y'see, life in the cities involves so many tricks,
I'd want to be left alone when I've had my fix.

On pleasant wintry evenings, I'll sometimes take a walk.
When there's languor in the hilly air, and also in the clock.
So if I ever meet you on one of those lonely routes,
You're welcome as ever to my place to warm your frozen boots.


Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Rajarshi Chattaraj said...

Admirable. Could have done away with a couple of syllables here and there; nonetheless, admirable.
But then, plenty of verse adorning your blog in recent times - how about bits of prose thrown in at times? Shall look forward to that.

Sudipto Basu said...

Sure. I have some prose pieces in mind too!

Shubhranka Mondal said...

Asha kori chinte parchis.
I just returned from a trip in the hills and was uploading my experiences....A day later,I randomly searched for your blog after a very long time out of sheer curiosity......and Good Lord !!...I found this wonderful poem.
I dont know much about the syllable or the language.But just that you are not the only one who thinks this way.Infact I day dream about similar experiences/I might be in a hangover as well!
Whatever,the one fact that no one can deny is that there is an ineffable charm in living in some remote hill side.

P.S:(If your dream come true some day,do invite me for a walk)


Sudipto Basu said...

Hey, thanks Shubhranka. Yep, mone aachhe.

Where did you travel recently? I think I'll have another trip to Uttarakhand (which is the UK I'd prefer if given a choice - not that I have crossed the seas :-P) this May, making it the third time I visit the lovely state in three years.

Oh, and the hills really are lovely. If ever I do build this house/hotel (probable - I'm a civil engineer! :-D), you have a standing invitation to come and stay at reduced rates.

By the way, tell me how you have been. And what are you doing now? :-)

Shubhranka Mondal said...

I went to a place called Landour, the highest point in Mussoorie.I shared the whole experience in my blog

I am about to graduate in economics,but always fail to think see.I asked for a walk and you me offered me hotel rooms at concessional rates!!!

Sudipto Basu said...

Oh, Landour. Not sure eibaar jaowa hobe ki naa, kintu some other time. Till now, my favourite UK destination is Munsiyari. It's beautiful precisely because it's remote. :-P